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14 July 2020 – BLM is an international coordinated ARMY and anyone providing material support is a traitor – Foreign INFILTRATION is an INVASION – WAR!

BLM is an international coordinated ARMY and anyone providing material support is a traitor

BLACK LIVES MATTER self describes itself as an International Organization.  This is from there own twitter accounts.

They are BOTH a political organization AND an ARMY.  They organize as a voluntary army and are armed by the funds through their political arms.




The Mayor in NY has decided to call the BLM painting of the street as an official STATE SUPPORTED “mural”


So, is America supporting BLM?  These are TERRORISTS!!!!

The states that are supporting this are supporting an International Crime syndicate

The BLM didn’t sprout out of NO WHERE- So, why have they been CULTIVATED ?  Obama, our previous BLACK and WHITE president began an initiative for an ARMY even STRONGER than that of the Federal Army.  AND it’s become that.  Obama did a fabulous job sowing the seeds that would become the foot soldier for this effort.


This is a PLANNED and COORDINATED ATTACK and it’s coming from within.

Our Democrat CONGRESS passed  HR7120

@realDonaldTrump Attention! Please listen! Transfer of US Autonomy to the UN is passed by Congress – HR7120 – De-funding Police is just the first step @TXLADY7061
#PoliceLivesMatter #infiltration
READ it #BackTheBlue bcs U have NO rights if the UN comes in



De funding Police is NOT what America wants, so how is it that so many are getting this through?


Defunding police is not what America wants

These people are not peaceful.  They are coordinated.  They get money from the SAME people that fund ANTIFA.


They are really one and the same



The funding is going through government sources.  This is TREASON!!!

People in official government positions supporting an overthrow of the AMERICAN government is not only TREASON, but a foreign WAR !!!!

They, themselves claim to be a WORLDWIDE organization, so this is, indeed a -FOREIGN POWER!!!

Just because it’s not a country doesn’t make them domestic.  They are organized and they are NOT domestic.





Published by txlady7061

We are more than just ourselves. We carry the DNA and the history of generations that came before. I’m a mom and a daughter. I’m a refugee. My mother is the only child that survived WWII in her family. She and my grandmother were the only ones left. My fathers family were forced to disown him, in writing, when we left Ukraine (former USSR.) They were going to shoot for California. They got as far and NY. I grew up in Queens. I left for the ARMY at the ripe old age of 23. Spent some time in VA and then on to TX. I live in TX. I am married to a wonderful man. I have a few kids. I AM JEWISH. I AM VERY CONSERVATIVE in my politics. I have a job that I go to EVERY DAY – 8-5, 5 days a week. My Hebrew name is Judith. Yihoodit. Baruch Hashem!

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