1 July 2020 – FORCEFUL Microchiping by employers is illegal in Michigan

    Bill Making It Illegal to Forcefully Microchip Employees Passes in Michigan House TOPICS:Elias MaratEmploymentMicrochipPrivacySurveillance June 29, 2020 By Elias Marat Lawmakers in Michigan have passed a bill that would make it illegal for employers to force their workers to be tagged with microchips in a bid to preemptively thwart companies who seek toContinue reading “1 July 2020 – FORCEFUL Microchiping by employers is illegal in Michigan”

19 May 2020 – Horseshoe crabs are a pharmaceutical company dream and they have been cashing in on this ancient art.

Blue blood – has a totally different meaning.   Pocket worthyStories to fuel your mind. The Last Days of the Blue-Blood Harvest Every year, more than 400,000 crabs are bled for the miraculous medical substance that flows through their bodies—now pharmaceutical companies are finally committing to an alternative that doesn’t harm animals. The Atlantic SarahContinue reading “19 May 2020 – Horseshoe crabs are a pharmaceutical company dream and they have been cashing in on this ancient art.”

24 Feb 2020 – Harvard complicit in Wuhan and espionage

from – https://gellerreport.com/2020/02/harvard-professor-arrested-by-the-fbi.html/ Harvard Professor arrested by the FBI By Pamela Geller – on February 22, 2020 ACADEMIA   The criminal complaint against Lieber alleges that he lied to both the government and Harvard. According to the complaint, Lieber was involved with the program from at least 2012 to 2017. His contract called for a salary as high asContinue reading “24 Feb 2020 – Harvard complicit in Wuhan and espionage”

15 Jan, 2020 – A push back on our new Brave new world – Anti Surveillance industry

    Special sunglasses, license-plate dresses: How to be anonymous in the age of surveillance Jan. 12, 2020 at 6:00 am Updated Jan. 13, 2020 at 6:33 pm  1 of 3 | A screenshot from a surveillance video on Reflectacles’ website shows how the company’s sunglasses are designed to reflect the infrared light used… (Reflectacles) More  By  Melissa Hellmann SeattleContinue reading “15 Jan, 2020 – A push back on our new Brave new world – Anti Surveillance industry”

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