1 April -Immigration is no longer UNDER DOJ says Barr – Huge Briefing

Major changes under way – wow!!! This is huge Barr answering an immigration questions says that it is no longer under DOJ WOW! Drug cartels as a result of the epidemic – are going to try to get into ADDITIONAL drugs – bottom line – YOUR not going to get through General Milley

7 March 2020 – TownHall with President Trump in PA

POTUS responds to Schumer’s attack of Judges- 9:55 Town Hall with President Trump | Part 1 https://youtu.be/VVcbmisaTUo via @YouTube “if a Republican did what Schumer just did, they would be in jail right now ” ———————me Schumer’s excuse was that it was a political “backlash” that he was talking about, but that can not beContinue reading “7 March 2020 – TownHall with President Trump in PA”

3 March 2020 – Supreme Court – narrow decision – about disavowing our Country, America – Nullifying America by a Subverted court?

The founders understood that the court MUST have the LEAST amount of power lest it become a rogue and an arm of one party or another. Yet they didn’t foresee that it may be subverted and used by that element AFTER a party was subverted, so that the arm of sedition was from within. ORContinue reading “3 March 2020 – Supreme Court – narrow decision – about disavowing our Country, America – Nullifying America by a Subverted court?”

26 Feb 2020 – Sanctuary Cities loose FED $ and Americans win on safety

“Why are these cities protecting these CRIMINALS !!!” THIS is the correct question. Court hands Trump win in sanctuary city fight, says administration can deny grant money By Adam Shaw, Bill Mears | Fox News https://video.foxnews.com/v/embed.js?id=6133243094001&w=466&h=263Watch the latest video at foxnews.com White House to deploy tactical Border Patrol agents to 10 ‘sanctuary’ cities 100 elite Border Patrol agentsContinue reading “26 Feb 2020 – Sanctuary Cities loose FED $ and Americans win on safety”

Homeland security to review drivers licenses for illegals

The departments of motor vehicles in all states ARE a STATE agency.  Therefore, if the said state is part of the UNITED STATES, then they have an obligation to the other states to perform due diligence with regard to criminals.  It is therefore under a LICENSING bureau’s obligation to VET the applicant as to theirContinue reading “Homeland security to review drivers licenses for illegals”

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