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16 March 2020 – Chinese student in Qom behind the outbreak in Iran. Were the Chinese behind outbreaks everywhere?


—-update 2 – just keep this in mind as you read and see ANYTHING in the next month



—— UPDATE —– Upon thinking a bit farther on this topic, I want to ask a pregnant question, Could this be China softening up a target (America and EUROPE) before a RED DAWN type event?  And the Deep State pushing it along so as to crash the markets and pick up the booty.

The US and Canada have Chinese scientists that have been going back and forth for years. see below –Prominent Sunni cleric says Chinese students in Qom behind coronavirus outbreak –

There are scientists here that are from China and they ARE NOT American citizens.  They are working for companies that are doing research.

UT-Austin researcher explains lab’s key role in coronavirus vaccine development

We visited the University of Texas at Austin’s McLellan Lab, where scientists have made a critical breakthrough toward developing a vaccine for the 2019 novel coronavirus. -from –

Just doing a rudimentary search as to who works there, I found


Nianshuang Wang, Postdoctoral Scholar

Nianshuang obtained a BS in Biological Sciences from Ocean University of China in 2009. He then joined the Center for Structural Biology in Tsinghua University under Dr. Xinquan Wang’s supervision. His research in Tsinghua was focused on the structural mechanism of receptor recognition by MERS-CoV. He earned a PhD in 2014 and subsequently joined the McLellan lab as a postdoc. He will continue to investigate viruses, focusing on the structural basis of viral entry mechanisms and the development of prophylactic and therapeutic interventions.

In my opinion, the idea of China doing the research here is the notion that Spy’s are acceptable.  No Chinese is an individual.  They are ALL Chinese government.  They go where the GOVERNMENT of CHINA sends them.


There have been reports that UNC actually, KNOWINGLY, helped develop this virus.  I don’t believe that it was purposeful.  HOWEVER, that being said, having people from ENEMY entities (countries or groups) working on sensitive things such as bio research, IS a risk.  So, why on earth would we take it? Who decided that this was a great idea?  And how much were they paid and with what?

Prominent Sunni cleric says Chinese students in Qom behind coronavirus outbreak –

Play Video

Sunni cleric Molavi Abdul-Hamid. (Screengrab)

The coronavirus outbreak in Iran was caused by Chinese students studying at a religious seminary in the Shia holy city of Qom, Iran’s most prominent Sunni cleric, Molavi Abdul-Hamid, said in a video published on his website Friday.

“It is known that Chinese students studying at Al-Mustafa International University (MIU) brought coronavirus to Iran,” Abdul-Hamid said. Abdul-Hamid is the Friday prayer leader in Zahedan, the capital of the Sunni-populated province of Sistan-Baluchestan.

MIU is a state-funded, Shia seminary based in Qom with almost 40,000 foreign students. MIU purports to be an international academic, Islamic, and university-style seminary institute.

MIU released a statement in response to Abdul-Hamid, criticizing the Sunni cleric and denying that its Chinese students were behind the coronavirus outbreak in Iran.

A man disinfects the shrine of Saint Masoumeh against coronavirus in the city of Qom, Iran. (AP)

“Have any officials made any such claims or has any evidence been presented? A religious scholar is expected to be more accurate in expressing himself,” MIU said in a statement.

Mohammad Hossein Bahraini, head of Mashhad’s medical university, was quoted as saying last month that coronavirus spread to Qom through 700 Chinese students studying at MIU.

The university later denied Bahraini had made such remarks.

Qom is an epicenter of the coronavirus outbreak in Iran and the first city to report cases of the virus.

Read more:

Iran reaches coronavirus ‘crossroads,’ should implement lockdown: Yale expert

The UK response to coronavirus: ‘Herd immunity’ and its risks explained


from –

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