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29 July 2020 – Shocking violence reported by AP, but UN warns police to leave city’s to burn and may use the Kigali principles and confiscate American Citizens GUNS. The Second Amendment was given away by Obama and Congress signed it!

The Obama Administration signed a treaty with the UN.  We became the 29th signatory to this treaty, which allows the UN to come in to a country if they deem that a segment of the population are in trouble.  BLM and their funders / supporters are claiming that.

UN urges US to tamp down use of force by officers in Portland, warns of ‘human rights violations’

The UN’s comments come as the Justice Department announced it would open an investigation into the conduct of federal officers in Portland and Washington D.C.

The UN warns Trump –


Shocking: AP Reporter Embedded with Federal Officers in Portland Describes Rioters’ Violent Attacks

Posted: Jul 28, 2020 10:15 AM
Shocking: AP Reporter Embedded with Federal Officers in Portland Describes Rioters' Violent Attacks

Source: AP Photo/Noah Berger

Before you review the thread below, read Byron York’s analysis of the mainstream media’s active whitewash of the violent upheaval in several American cities. We saw this in coverage of Seattle’s “autonomous zone,” prior to the murders, and we’re seeing it again now. The national press is treating rioting, looting, arson, and assault as a strange fascination of the right-wing media, doing President Trump’s bidding. The denial of reality and quasi-blackout of disturbing images and developments is so acute that even a powerful House chairman feels confident enough to dismiss the clear developments on the ground as a “myth.” Someone needs to get these tweets to Mr. Nadler, stat. Via an Associated Press reporter embedded with federal officers in Portland, who paints a harrowing and outrageous picture:


“Repeated” firing of mortars, which sounds like something out of a war zone, plus incendiary devices and hard objects intended to inflict serious harm. Recall that many in the press insist on referring to “largely peaceful” protests, employing almost comical language to euphemize the reality — and that elected Democrats continue to blame the federal officers for what’s happening, even after two consecutive months of riots in the city. More details: 




Bloody gashes, concussions, vision loss. This is all extremely serious, yet the impulse of Democrats in the press and elective office has been to downplay or ignore all of it, as if they’re following an election year script. Balsamo goes on to report that federal agents defending the courthouse have engaged in “very thought-out” and measured tactics, deliberately seeking courses of action that would not “escalate tensions” between authorities and the decidedly non-peaceful contingent of “protesters.” He quotes a deputy US Marshal who lives in Portland as saying, “I am worried for my life, every time I walk outside of the building.” As city and state Democratic officials cravenly demand a federal retreat, Balsamo reports that “there’s no plan for the feds to retreat right now. Those protecting the building feel a personal and professional duty to protect the courthouse.” He adds, “many raised the same point — the courthouse stands for justice, for all people. And they aren’t going anywhere.” The situation is very ugly, as further documented by local authorities, who have repeatedly been forced to declare riots:

A riot was also declared by Seattle police (this headline is quite something), whose crowd dispersal options have been gutted by the city’s left-wing political leadership, compelling Seattle’s top cop to explain to residents and businesses that her department would not be able to protect private property. Meanwhile, here are some scenes from Los Angeles over the weekend (where there is no Portland-style federal presence that can be idiotically blamed for the actions of violent agitators). So much justice:

The LA city council recently voted to dramatically slash the police budget and redirect the funds to various social services and causes — something that has been endorsed by presumptive Democratic presidential nominee, Joe Biden.

The Kigali Principles and You

The Kigali Principles and You via @YouTube
green lasers –



Lessons from the Implementation of the Kigali Principles on the Protection of Civilians in Peacekeeping Operations


The UN treaty involves gun confiscation because they can’t tell the difference between legal gun owners and those who are criminals

Click to access Gun-Destruction-Report-IANSA-2017.pdf

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We are more than just ourselves. We carry the DNA and the history of generations that came before. I’m a mom and a daughter. I’m a refugee. My mother is the only child that survived WWII in her family. She and my grandmother were the only ones left. My fathers family were forced to disown him, in writing, when we left Ukraine (former USSR.) They were going to shoot for California. They got as far and NY. I grew up in Queens. I left for the ARMY at the ripe old age of 23. Spent some time in VA and then on to TX. I live in TX. I am married to a wonderful man. I have a few kids. I AM JEWISH. I AM VERY CONSERVATIVE in my politics. I have a job that I go to EVERY DAY – 8-5, 5 days a week. My Hebrew name is Judith. Yihoodit. Baruch Hashem!

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