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22 June 2020 – RACIST movie is designed to project VENGEANCE on WHITE (define white) People for the evil of slavery.


Projecting a wish to enslave “white people” as vengeance –
It doesn’t take in to account ANY history prior AND it doesn’t ask what is WHITE?
This movie has NOTHING contemplative.  This movie is ANGER and HATE!!!  It projects hatred of people who’s skin is WHITE.  This is by far the MOST RACIST thing I have ever seen.
AMERICA ENDED slavery!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
AFRICA and the Middle East still has parts where slavery is alive and well. 
Americans CHOSE to up end the entire WORLDS economic structure to end slavery.
WE DID THAT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Republicans did that.  The movie is designed to get black people to hurt white people and specifically TRUMP supporters.  This is potentially a death threat to anyone who supports TRUMP. And Black people who support Trump?  This is designed to, not only, shut them up, but put them in the cross hairs as well.
Black people should stand up and say that this is wrong.  Especially, the fact that this is historically inaccurate.  To erase the history of slavery the way it’s being done, will produce it in to the future.  This is incredibly dangerous and should be called out.



Upcoming Show “Cracka” Puts Blacks As Slave Owners And Whites As Slaves

AllHipHop Staff

What history flipped the script on slavery and the Africans kept slaves? “Cracka” explores this alternative non-reality.
(AllHipHop News) The upcoming series “Cracka” is likely to cause a storm of controversy for the premise: “What if the roles were reversed in slavery?”The movie offers a present-day so-called white supremacist who is magically thrust back in time to an alternate past where Africans enslave whites and rule the land known as America.

A synopsis explains, “In a world where white privilege, systematic oppression, and minority protest in order to break the chains of bondage runs regular, white supremacist Michael Stone is doing everything he can to maintain his privilege by exercising every opportunity to ensure the America he knows and loves continues to remain pure and more importantly, remain white!”

The movie is the brainchild of director Dale Resteghini, a white man born in Boston, Massachusetts that made his mark with rap videos. Resteghini worked with a colorful ensemble of artists including Pitbull, Akon, Lil Wayne, Ice Cube, Guns N Roses, Flo Rida, RZA, TYGA, Soulja Boy, Ty Dolla, Nicki Minaj, Diddy. Now, he is taking his talents in a new, controversial manner.

In the trailer of the movie, which is slated for a fall 2020 release, the protagonist – tatted with racist Nazi symbols – begins to harass an African American motorist.  It is at that point that the violence starts. After the lead character rains down blows on the motorist, the pseudo-Nazi returns to his home. He then finds himself staring at the barrel of a shotgun and enslaved.



 Nazi’s are National SOCIALISTS – the ARE the Anti- FA of today which is FUNDED by the same people that are funding the BLM – one and the same. 


“Cracka” then relives all of the horrors of slavery such as rape, beatings, and even name changes. The series stars a bevy of talents including Lorenzo Antonucci, Hakeen Kae-Kazim, rapper Saigon, Kathryn Kates, and James Darnell.

The cast isn’t simply Black people perpetrating the same sick injustices as their counterparts.

“Cracka doesn’t just tackle racism; it confronts it in a way you can’t possibly imagine. This unique series forces us – as a people, society, and overall a collective human unit – to look past color, look past our fears and pain, and see ourselves as people through the much-needed lens of love.”



 I can imagine.  I am WHITE and Jewish.  I never owned slaves and half my family or more were MODERN day victims of it. 


The series does not have a date but is expected to hit in the fall of 2020, just in time for the American presidential election.

The trailer is below and comment.

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Published by txlady7061

We are more than just ourselves. We carry the DNA and the history of generations that came before. I’m a mom and a daughter. I’m a refugee. My mother is the only child that survived WWII in her family. She and my grandmother were the only ones left. My fathers family were forced to disown him, in writing, when we left Ukraine (former USSR.) They were going to shoot for California. They got as far and NY. I grew up in Queens. I left for the ARMY at the ripe old age of 23. Spent some time in VA and then on to TX. I live in TX. I am married to a wonderful man. I have a few kids. I AM JEWISH. I AM VERY CONSERVATIVE in my politics. I have a job that I go to EVERY DAY – 8-5, 5 days a week. My Hebrew name is Judith. Yihoodit. Baruch Hashem!

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